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The great psychic Edgar Cayce left a vast archive of information on a variety of subjects, about health remedies, ancient history, and predictions of future events.   Cayce was a great soul, with wonderful mystical abilities.   We discuss mystics, psychics, reincarnation, past lives, out-of-body, gemstones, stars, herbs, inspiration, premonition, predictions, prophecy, prehistory, scripture, the occult, atlantis, disasters, earth-changes, geology, poleshifts, and enlightenment.

  • -This is an open forum, you are free to express yourself, within reason. No vulgarity, racism, spam, name calling, flaming, or attacks on another's religious beliefs, whatever they may be, will be permitted.  Please tread lightly on important topics like religion that can lead to controversy.
  • -Posting of images grants permission to copy and use for study, research, and publication, with credits given. Contents of posts are to be considered copyrighted.
  • -Trouble-makers, debaters, and the rude may be removed and banned from the list.
  • -Posts should be on topic and courteous, new members, and violators will be moderated. 3 posts per day max.  Close your post with your first name. 
  • -Atheists, satanists, skeptics, and debunkers have their own forums, and their ideas are not welcome here, we investigate and discuss ancient mysteries. This list is not for promoting websites, books, cults, or events.  Only those who believe in God are welcome here. 
  • -No member[s] will be permitted to control or limit the free flow of ideas, by making a disproportionate number of posts, or insisting that their ideas are the only correct ones.  Mystics offer valuable information, even though their source is inspiration, not acceptable to some scientists.  
  • -Feel free to state your view and position, but do not presume that your criticism of another is welcome. Have fun, but don't be offensive.

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