Precolumbian Inscriptions

We discuss epigraphy, archaeology, history and alternative prehistory, cultural origins, migrations, and the impact of diffusion on the Americas. We invite everyone, including Central and South Americans, Europeans and Asians to participate.   Petroglyphs, cave art, tombs, mounds, bones, megaliths, giants, Vikings, Phoenicians, hieroglyphs, ice-ages, tsunamis, cosmic impacts, basalt floods, orogeny, codices, Anazasi, Olmecs, Toltec, Aztecs, earthworks, Inca, Atlanteans, and Lemurians.   Geology causing former and future earth-changes, poleshifts, and other global disasters, that have affected mankind. 

  • -We try to assist others in identifying and translating ancient scripts.
  • -This is an open forum, you are free to express yourself, within reason. No vulgarity, racism, spam, name calling, flaming, or attacks on another's religious beliefs, whatever they may be, will be permitted.
  • -A member violating these policies may be warned by a moderator. Second offence may get that member's posts moderated, third offense may bring removal. Members with a virus will be contained in the same fashion.
  • -The posting of messages and links by members does not mean that all members endorse the view presented.
  • -Posting of images grants permission to copy and use for study, research, and publication, with credits given. Contents of posts are to be considered copyrighted.
  • -We insist upon the polite and civil exchange of ideas.
  • -Among us are pros and amateurs, and we encourage all interested parties to join us, regardless of formal education.
  • -Like all serious researchers we favor hard evidence, but we are open-minded enough to hear other thoughts and opinions, even the metaphysical, if they relate to our subjects.
  • -New Members are asked to post a brief introduction, indicating their interests, and their first name.
  • -Trouble-makers, debaters, and the rude may be removed and banned from the list. Feel free to state your view and position, but do not presume that your criticism of another is welcome.
  •  Only those who believe in God are welcome here. 
  •  Cover photo is a relic from the Craig Mound at the Spiro Mounds Oklahoma.  It looks like a flying apparatus. 

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